Rajkot, an exuberantly spirited city in Gujarat is one of the most eyeing cities for entrepreneurs. People are found simply energetic in this city! No wonder, they passionately work to earn well meanwhile, they also enjoy the generosity of life in living out loud.

For business spirited, this city attracts with the vibes of 'energetic-hub.' This is the reason for space-search that optimistically serves their business.

Understanding the need, Evercon Developers has paved the way by concluding an in-depth study aiming to trace the feasibility of the project that truly matches expectations.

Coming up with the first skyscraper in Saurashtra Region, it re-energizes the lively-spirit of people in Rajkot City as TWINSTAR has been designed to transform the way people shop, live and work.

The Corporate Offices in Rajkot is a good start for entrepreneurs looking for the perfect work-space to obtain better opportunities and the best amenities.